Visit MN-AM at the SOT Annual Meeting and ToxExpo 2024

Visit MN-AM at the SOT Annual Meeting and ToxExpo 2024 is excited to attend the upcoming 63rd Annual Meeting and ToxExpo of the Society of Toxicology in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA in March 2024. We invite you to visit our booth no. 1833 at the ToxExpo.

We will demonstrate our suite of software tools and applications for computational toxicology and chemical safety and risk assessment providing innovative NGRA and NAM approaches. We are available to answer your questions regarding our technology and will be glad to help you finding the right solution for your challenges.

In addition, please find below a list of scientific presentations related to our technology that will be given in the technical sessions at the 2024 SOT Annual Meeting.

Join us — we are looking forward to meeting you.

Poster presentations

  • Assessment of Chemical Mixtures and Constituents from Botanical-Originated Ingredients or Extracts: A Case Study of Citroflavonoids
    C. Yang1,2, J.F. Rathman1,3, Y. Lim4, S. Yang4, J. Lee4, B. Hobocienski1, T. Magdziarz2, A. Mostrag-Szlichtyng1, J. Park1, and J.V. Ribeiro1.
    1MN-AM, Columbus, OH; 2MN-AM, Nuremberg, Germany; 3Ohio State University, Columbus, OH; and 4Korean Cosmetics Institute of Industries, Osan-si, Republic of Korea.
    Abstract 4412, Poster Board P199
    ToxExpo‚ Exhibit Hall C‚ Salt Palace Convention Center
    Computational Toxicology II
    Wednesday, March 13, 2:15pm – 4:15pm (US MST)

  • ChemTunes MetaBase as a Data Source to Facilitate Regulatory Assessment of QSAR Models and Predictions
    A. Mostrag-Szlichtyng1, B. Hobocienski1, C. Yang1, J.V. Ribeiro1, and J.F. Rathman1,2.
    1MN-AM, Columbus, OH; and 2Ohio State University, Columbus, OH.
    Abstract 5021, Poster Board P122
    Hall E‚ Salt Palace Convention Center
    Late-Breaking 1
    Thursday, March 14, 8:30am – 11:30am (US MST)

  • Computational Decision Workflows Evaluation Following the New OECD QSAR Assessment Framework
    J.F. Rathman1,2, T. Yamada3, C. Yang1, C. Barber4, A. Mostrag-Szlichtyng1, J.V. Ribeiro1, and B. Hobocienski1.
    1MN-AM, Columbus, OH; 2Ohio State University, Columbus, OH; 3NIHS, Kawasaki, Japan; and 4Lhasa Limited, Leeds, United Kingdom.
    Abstract 5171, Poster Board P272
    Hall E‚ Salt Palace Convention Center
    Late-Breaking 5
    Thursday, March 14, 8:30am – 11:30am (US MST)

Special event

  • MN-AM, Molecular Networks Altamira Exhibitor-Hosted Session: NAMs and NGRA with ChemTunes·ToxGPS®
    MN-AM presents new features of its unique chemoinformatics platform ChemTunes·ToxGPS® and its public version COSMOS NG to support next generation risk assessment (NGRA) for human-health relevant endpoints.
    Safety assessors from different industries show how they utilize the provided new approach methods (NAM) in their daily work and how ChemTunes·ToxGPS®, its data, content, and WOE-based and reliability-driven in silico tools and workflows support transparent and reproducible endpoint-specific chemical risk assessment.
    In addition and in collaboration with MN-AM, Professor Mark Cronin (LJMU) will present and discuss a case study using the public COSMOS NG platform for chemical safety assessment.

    Salt Palace Convention Center, Room 155E
    Wednesday, March 13, 3:00pm – 4:00pm (US MST)
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