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Molecular Networks GmbH and Altamira, LLC offer innovative chemoinformatics software products, consulting, development and research services to increase the quality and productivity of discoveries in chemical, pharmaceutical and biotechnology R&D.

Molecular Networks GmbH

Molecular Networks GmbH provides multifaceted, innovative software to the chemical, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry. The company’s core strength and expertise is chemoinformatics with a focus on applications for in silico profiling, evaluating and assessing chemical compounds and finding new chemical entities.

Founded in 1997, headquartered in Erlangen until end of 2016, now in Nürnberg, Germany, Molecular Networks’ technology is utilized worldwide in major industrial and academic research and discovery laboratories to design and optimize chemical products and processes. Molecular Networks’ product portfolio comprises a variety of software tools, databases and decision support systems in the area of in silico modeling and prediction of chemical, physical and biological properties of chemical compounds including their chemical reactivity and metabolic or environmental fate.

Molecular Networks provides maintenance and support for its software products and further improves and updates them on a regular basis.

Molecular Networks is also available as an experienced partner to develop custom-designed chemoinformatics solutions suited to the partner’s specific needs and offers its unique expertise and technology to analyze and model proprietary chemical and biological data.

Altamira, LLC

Founded in 2012, members of Altamira, LLC share expertise in molecular informatics, chemometrics, computational modeling and analysis and statistical design of experiments. The two founders also provide many years of expertise in nano-structured materials and interfacial meso-scale modeling.

Chihae Yang, Ph.D.

CEO and owner, Molecular Networks GmbH

  • Co-founder of Altamira LLC
  • Adjunct Professor at Ohio State University
  • Visiting Scientist and consultant, US FDA CFSAN

James F. Rathman, Ph.D.

Managing Director and Co-founder, Altamira LLC

  • Professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Ohio State University
  • Senior Scientist, Clorox Company
  • Research Scientist, Conoco Inc.

Prof. Johann Gasteiger​

Founder of Molecular Networks

  • Professor emeritus of Chemistry at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany

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