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Welcome to the video website of ChemTunes•ToxGPS. The following video clips will guide you through some of the major features and functionalities of ChemTunes•ToxGPS. If you like the videos, please check this page regularly, as we are trying to constantly produce and add new videos. And now enjoy the show.

Introduction – Login

Database Search – Exact Chemistry Search

Database Search – Similarity Search

Database Search – Exact Text Search

Prediction – Introduction and Scientific Background

Prediction – Example Furosemide (Classic Version)

Prediction – Example Bromfenac (Classic Version)

Mutagenicity Screening (ICH M7) – Introduction and Background

Mutagenicity Screening (ICH M7) – Application

Calculate Molecular Properties – Introduction and Background

Read Across – Introduction and Background

More Information

Please feel free to visit the product webpage of ChemTunes•ToxGPS.

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