Antimicrobial (AM) TTC Project

Antimicrobials (AMs) are a group of chemicals widely used in consumer products as well as crop management. They can be pesticides (also known as biocides) or preservatives used in food additives or cosmetics formulations.

This project was designed to build on previous research sponsored by the ACC Biocides Panel which has demonstrated the applicability of the Threshold of Toxicological Concern (TTC) approach to the evaluation of antimicrobial pesticides.

Results of the Project

  • Compilation of the AM TTC Candidate Database
  • AM Inventory and New AM-TTC Dataset
  • Chemical Profile and Categorization by ToxPrint Chemotypes
  • Development of Potency-Aware AM Categories
  • Regulatory Utilitarian Perspective and Use Cases

Preparation of the AM TTC dataset

The development of the Antimicrobial TTC dataset followed the same process described in the COSMOS TTC database (Yang, 2017). Using the regulatory inventory of antimicrobial chemicals as a look up table, a scoping study was perform across the full public domain to compile appropriate toxicity data. This collection was combined with currently existing TTC datasets and implemented in a relational database, the NOAEL/LOAEL Database. The AM TTC dataset was then derived from this database by applying TTC data-inclusion criteria such that the final AM TTC dataset includes the existing TTC datasets and is enriched with AM chemicals.

The final database contains 1,557 studies for 1,368 compounds (1,350 organics and 19 IOMs). The database includes 640 antimicrobials. New data harvesting enriched the database with toxicity studies for 268 compounds from EFSA, ECHA, SCCS, JECFA and CIR. A total of 144 studies for 115 compounds were reviewed by AM TTC toxicologists.

Downloadable Files

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